7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Interactive Content


Long gone are the days when keyword-stuffed content was used to rank websites on the search engine results pages. With the changing dynamics of the Internet, it has become necessary for businesses to carefully curate, create, and distribute interactive content to enhance engagement, drive traffic, and generate leads.

According to Nabeel Shafique, production head at Rozzario Digital Agency, there’s so much static content out there on the Web that it’s important for businesses to produce content that yields enough power and substance to capture the target audience’s interest right from the get-go. This is where interactive content provides an optimal solution to businesses, especially to small businesses. It is perhaps the best way to increase traffic and conversion among small businesses. Here’s why.

1. Interactive content summons undivided attention

Static content is mostly one-way dialogue and it ends up boring users. On the contrary, interactive content unfolds like a value driven two-way dialogue and allows users to interact with the data and information.

2. Interactive content is easily processed

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 X faster in the brain than text. Given this fact, it’s easy to understand why interactive content takes precedence in grabbing a person’s attention and interest.

3. Interactive content generates more views

Interactive content drives traffic and boosts engagement. The more traffic that comes to your social media pages or your website, the more number of people are likely to see your post. The more number of people will see your post, the more number of people will get acquainted to your brand and business.

4. Interactive content boosts followers

The motive behind curating, creating, and distributing interactive content such as visual posts, interactive infographics, and videos is to catch the fancy of today’s discerning netizens and encouraging them to share it–eventually increasing your followers.

5. Interactive content improves social engagement

It’s difficult for most small businesses to drive social engagement, no matter how much time, efforts and money they spend in sourcing a creative social media page design. But interactive content opens a window of engagement for social media users on the social media landscape.

6. Interactive content keeps visitors hooked to your website

The excess of white noise on the web has desensitized users. Users today look for content shares their experience, speaks their voice, and offers the taste they want and projects visual they want to see. Interactive content attracts interest and is compelling–it hooks visitors to your site or social media page.

7. Interactive content offers insight into user behavior

There’s so much of white noise online that people have become overwhelmed and disappointed. Remember, there’s nothing worse than investing your time and effort into creating content that no one is actually reading. This is where Interactive content comes to your rescue. It helps you create compelling content that your users actually want and demand from you.

Credit: Website Designer Malaysia by Rozzario Digital Agency


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