Best Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2022


Digital marketing, cannot be ignored. No one can deny the power of effective marketing. A perfectly executed marketing and advertising plan can serve the needs of any business and increase the demand for the product or service which they offer, but times have changed, though the need of digital marketing is still the same along with its importance, the mediums on which digital marketing works best has shaped up and have been changed or good. If you want a successful brand, you need to be active online. The influence of the digital world, or ‘cyberspace,’ has been growing since the 90’s, and now, just a few decades later, it has become a virtual environment for the vast majority of people on the planet. The ease of creating or consuming digital content and its availability has made the internet the place to be. So if you want to properly market your brand to your audience online, how should you do it?


This may not come as a surprise and you may know this already but Facebook is the king of Social Media platforms, if you’re alive, chances are you have a Facebook account. Facebook is currently #1 Social Media platform and has users over 2.27 billion worldwide. Facebook is very important for the digital marketers as they can target the right audience very efficiently.


No doubt, Instagram is a hit with all the cool kids, and fortunately for Facebook, their biggest threat is not a threat at all. Since, Instagram belongs to Facebook now! This platform is an image and video based social media platform and is optimized making it very easy for the users to share photos and videos right from their handheld devices. Instagram has over One Billion users which is no doubt an impressive achievement, which means it is one of the most rapidly enhancing social media platform and more importantly much of its users are young demographic under 30.


A specialized software acting as a virtual concierge, communicating with users that assists them. Chat bots interact with human through text chat windows in a natural way, but verbal communication or interaction is also possible. They are used in Facebook by many, for different tasks. Providing reports and some basic customer support functions can be handled in a very sophisticated manner. Chat bots allow users to get focused and personalized interactions, their effectiveness in 2018 is already showing an increase in usage, and that use is likely to grow for digital marketing by 2019.


More than half of all the population watches videos, and a lot of those videos are created in the service of digital marketing. While YouTube may be the most popular way to consume that doesn’t mean that you should not put videos on Facebook or any of the other social media platform.  It does not matter if you’re creating videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or even your own website, it is an incredible effective digital marketing tool. You can convey a lot of information and the personality of your brand with the video. As long as you stick to the main fundamentals of video production, you will make impressive gains.


While video content is a valuable tool, one of the rising stars in digital marketing is the live video. Part of this is due to the spike in streaming services, thanks to popular channels such as “Twitch,” which allows people to easily stream video game play. Streaming, is big for digital marketing specially when combined with influencer marketing. Whether it’s the new generation of influencers or traditional sources, such as musicians, celebrities, or athletes, having a live stream with an influencer who is interacting directly with comments is very important for an audience. An influencer live stream is very useful, and a high profile form of digital marketing right now. The interactivity of live streaming can be a big draw if done right, with a good personality.


A Major channel of communication, with billion users continues to be Email Marketing. Email Marketing can be used for personal, industrial, commercial, legal, scientific and academic purposes. Email is here to stay, and Email Marketing grows to be more important as the time passes by. Although it is a means of communication and marketing, the generic emails format is evolving and one can agree that generic and boring old emails are not as effective as they once were. It is a combination of personalization and automation that is making email marketing more creative and eye-catching for 2019. Email has become a “trigger” to motivate an action with remarketing techniques.


Good and relevant content is still very important and continues to be a very essential component of digital marketing, there is an increase in the emphasis on the nature of the content. The quality will always matter, but now there is an interest in having a deeper and a more sophisticated understanding of the targeted audience and targeting is done more effectively.


Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and hosts of other smart devices, verbal interaction is on the rise. The point is talking is simply a more preferred way of interaction among human beings, and now Artificial Intelligence are jumping the band-wagon and getting involved in the way people shop, discover and search for new things. This does have some interesting challenges.


Obviously there are many ways you can optimize your Digital Marketing techniques to work like they are supposed to, there are innumerable software that can help you through the process, but if you do not have the time to go through all that and want a simpler way out, contacting an agency will be a better solution for you. We at Rozzario, can make your life simple.

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