How to make a good website – Traits & Trends to follow for a healthy website

Are you a website owner? Thinking of revamping it? Do you want to make it more customer friendly? Then this is especially for you, and if you don’t have a website yet for your business, you my friend are living in the Stone Age. But help is at hand Designing a brand new website can be a bit overwhelming, we are here to provide you all the help you need, with some pointers about what you can do to get the website to generate maximum sales and with a low bounce rate. Once you have a good, catchy, website without quirky spellings and has all the social media platforms connected, it is time to work on improving your site and content quality. Here are some amazing pointers for your website ensuring a positive consumer experience, also to help the digital outlook and engagement level of your brand.

A Good Wire-frame

Aesthetically, it should be pleasing and easy to go through but what’s more important is the websites’ functionality. Before typing the HTML or buying a server, you need to thoroughly map out how you want the website to function. This is important for both User and also SEO of the site, since Google ranks such site high that have a good content and structure. So create a clear image of the website and a road map so easy, a grand ma can look through your site, for a pair of glasses if she needs to. (assuming you are an e-commerce, even if you are not, your website should be easy and not cluttered.

Crucial Information

Create a website you need, not a website you want. Take a restaurant for example, everyone wants music and a giant about page, but they forget about things like menu, directions and information. Minimalism is your best friend, keep the text to the minimum when writing the statement, because in a generation of people with such a short attention span, nobody has the time to read such long paragraphs just for a mission statement.

Contact Details

We can’t stress enough how important business details are, contact information, which is why it should have its own section. There must be times when you visited a website and thought ‘how hard is to contact a company?’ Have their phone number, email address and a contact form easily accessible and visible is blessing. It makes a huge difference because nothing can be more nerve wrecking than being unable to contact with a needed business or service. When you upload an email address or a phone number on the site, never upload your information as an image — the number or address should have the ability to be copied or clicked on right from the website in order to send an email or place the call conveniently and quickly. Many smartphones nowadays have the feature to “click to call” on the website, so make the process as easy as possible for the potential customers.

Easy Navigation

A website is not useful without a clear navigation. Use easy-to-understand and easy-to-look through, names for the various pages of your site —about, contact, FAQ, etc. Being cryptic will just be a turnoff for users and they will leave the site early. When developing your strategy, you should consider a call-to-action. What is your purpose and what you want people to do on your website? Do you want them place an order? Come to your brick-and-mortar store? Become a member? Email for a quote? Call to speak with a customer service rep? Make your goals obvious and clear. Put yourself in the place of who’s using your site. Think about the goal of your potential customer. What are they doing on the site? Prepare the site with action items to help customers do what you want them to do.


If you are selling something online, you need to put in some extra effort in order to secure your website with SSL certificate. The SSL will keep safe and encrypt the conversation between you and your clients, the information regarding credit cards and numbers will remain hidden. This way the customers will not feel a sense of fear in providing such important and sensitive information and details.


If you are an online business, you must already have an account on all of these platforms or may be some of them. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram are some of the platforms you need get yourself an account on. Social Media is no doubt an important part of marketing, and needs to be integrated into these platforms. Integration not only makes your site complete, also enhances and boosts your SEO and improve the over-all outlook of your business. Also, try to maintain them to keep your brand on the top of their minds and keep them engaged.

Mobile Responsive Website

Smartphones and tabs increase the amount of web traffic and the numbers are growing as mobile devices are becoming cheaper. Experts say, 70% of the tasks are completed within an hour on mobile sites. If someone is looking for a website on his phone, he is likely to eat at that restaurant within that hour. So your website needs to be readable and responsive on these devices. Responsive website design provides the ability to use fluid widths, so that your website will adapt to the screen on which it’s being viewed. Enter the code so that sidebar takes up, let’s say; 20% of the screen width, and the remaining 80% is for the body of your website. Layouts are adjustable on responsive sites and images are scalable to make a good web experience on devices.


Get your website on a mainstream provider, it can cost a handful of money every month to have a 24/7 assistance. Nobody likes a slow website, it is frustrating and it can annoy customers. A slow website not only annoy users, increases bounce rate, but it also affects your ranks on search engines. Are all these points a little tough to follow through? Do you need a better and a faster way? We at Rozzario, can make your life simple. You just have to place the order and the pointers mentioned above will be taken care of. Credit: Website Designer Malaysia by Rozzario Digital Agency
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