Shopify vs. WordPress: Customer Support and Guidance 


Shopify vs. WordPress: Customer Support and Guidance 

When purchasing a new tool for the first time, it’s easy to neglect issues such as customer assistance and guidance. People usually assume that they will learn to use a system easily, so there is no need to check customer service. However, knowing that help is accessible when you need it is always reassuring.

Shopify is certainly one of the most customer-friendly e-commerce website builders available. The platform offers support as a standard when purchasing a plan. Shopify customers get both email and phone support except those who are on the Shopify Lite plan. If so, you will only receive email support and chat, which is enough for the basic support. 

Shopify also features a help center as well as a number of community forums where you can obtain solutions to your questions. Overall, with all of the help options, the service is quite simple to grasp:

When it comes to WordPress, you don’t receive a lot of support since it is a self-hosted platform. 

Although support is available, it is usually in the form of clients’ sites or WordPress forums. If you are in need of a more comprehensive level of assistance, find a WordPress developer to work with. 

On the bright side, most of your WordPress experience will be given via plugins and add-ons; you will depend on third-party providers for some of your help. When you’re looking for methods to use WordPress to expand your e-commerce site, it’s a good idea to look for plugins from suppliers who have a strong track record of customer service.