Shopify vs WordPress: Pros and Cons


Shopify vs WordPress: Pros and Cons 

Pros of Shopify 

  • You don’t have to learn coding or technical skills to use Shopify. 
  • There are no charges for hosting or security externally. 
  • Since it is purely for building e-commerce websites, all the sales tools are available that you require. 

Cons of Shopify 

  • If you pay from a payment gateway other than Shopify Payments, you need to pay extra transaction fees (0.5% to 2% each transaction).
  • Although it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, it is still not as basic to use as you may think. 
  • You will have to reformat the content if you decide to change the theme of your site. 

Pros of WordPress  

  • It has a new editor called ‘Gutenberg,’ which makes the platform easier to use. 
  • WordPress is more flexible and powerful than Shopify, letting you have total customization. 
  • Several helpful resources are available online, including both professional developers and user forums. 

Cons of WordPress 

  • It can be quite expensive very quickly. 
  • You need to have the technical knowledge to use this platform. 
  • You must source things, such as security, web hosting, and a domain name yourself.