What is the difference between Theme Based Web Design & Custom Website Design?


Theme Based Web Design VS Custom Website Design

In business today, many people choose to go down the popular route of using a website for promotion. While a smart and very much recommended idea, the price of hiring a typical Web Design Company in Malaysia can be quite off-putting. To try and save costs, most will look to invest in a website template instead.

Templates are easily installed and managed from the backend, and cost the fraction of a Custom Website Development

custom website development

In web design, though, you get what you pay for. With a template design, you get a look that is hard to edit without expertise and very challenging to remain unique. You could find that your competition all have similar or identical looks, making it harder for people to tell just who you are in the first place.

So, with this in mind, what makes the most important reasons why having a custom website development program carried out for your website design needs so important?

Return On Investment for Website Design

When you invest in a website design of your own, you have a much higher return on investment. Your business is going to be able to make back what it invests in a bespoke website design much easier than it could the fee that you pay for the template. Why? Because unique websites are more reliable, more unique and crucially tend to perform better on search rankings. Ergo, the more you sink into your website, the greater the potential return will be.

Branded Website Design

Also, a bespoke design can be made to match up with your website and business accordingly. With this kind of branding, you can make sure that you have a look that is customized and fully tailored to fit with your business as a whole. With a template, you have no guarantee that it can accurately fit with the brand of your website.

Custom Designed Website

A template is cheap, nasty and thrown up in a matter of moments. While quick and cost-effective, any business which is truly serious about genuine improvement and growth should be wary of sticking with such a simple solution. It’s not good enough, if you are looking to build a business, to stick with the simple templates around. While templates can be very impressive and deeply detailed, it is still not unique.

Interactive Websites Offers Less Bounce Rate

A template tends to be locked in terms of scalability. If you need unique pages, you tend to lack the ability to do so. With a bespoke site, though, it can all be adjusted and manipulated to fit your exact goals and aims.

Website Security

By the same token, templates come with minimal – if any – security attached. A bespoke website design will last for much longer as it has a primary security system installed within.

Longer Lifespan

A good website design can last several years – a template is lucky to last two. This means that you need to keep replacing it, meaning that the money ‘saved’ on a bespoke design is continually invested into templates time and time again. Maintenance costs will spike and thus you’ll end up spending the kind of money you thought you’d be saving!

Add in the fact that templates are hard to optimize for search engines and usually are not mobile friendly, and it’s a no-brainer. If you are looking to hire a web design company in Malaysia, then, make sure that they work using a custom website development. It can only be good for the long-term growth and improvement of your business!

Credit: Website Designer Malaysia by Rozzario Digital Agency


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