5 Best Websites for Health and Beauty Products


Welcome to our blog! In this article, we will discuss the 5 best websites for health and beauty products in Malaysia. Whether you’re looking for skincare, makeup, supplements, or other health-related products, these websites offer various options to cater to your needs. We understand that finding high-quality and authentic products can be a challenging task, which is why we have done extensive research and have compiled this list to make your shopping experience much easier. So, let’s dive in and discover the best websites to purchase health and beauty products in Malaysia.


At WAO, we strongly believe that in this interconnected world, we all rely on each other for our success and well-being. As a company, we understand the importance of nurturing positive relationships with our vendors, suppliers, sellers, and most importantly, our customers. We are committed to providing high-quality health products to our customers and are always ready to offer a helping hand to those in need. If you are facing any health conditions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts is always available to provide you with the necessary support and guidance. We also understand the challenges of balancing a full-time job while looking for additional income. That is why we have designed programs that enable you to earn extra income while working on your own time. We encourage you to explore these opportunities and take advantage of them.

SERVICESBody Shaping Series, Facial Care Series, Healing Series, Sports Series, Sleeping Series
WEBSITE ADDRESShttps://www.waohealthproducts.com/


CUSTOMER REVIEW: The vest transformed from the golden ox scarf, wearing a white suit and trousers, showing the image of a professional lecturer and light-coloured clothing is also very white, and comfortable to wear.

“The Importance of Positive Relationships in Business: Insights from WAO Health & Beauty Products”


Watsons Malaysia is the leading health and beauty retailer with more than 550 Watsons stores and growing in the country serving the needs of all Malaysians. Watsons continue to inspire our customers to enjoy life to the fullest and set the standards in the health, wellness and beauty market, providing personalised advice in health, beauty and personal care on top of its market-leading product ranges, making customers LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT every day. Watsons Malaysia won Platinum Award for the best in retail category 2019 by Putra Brands Awards, a premium and only brands award in Malaysia Voted by Malaysian consumers.

SERVICESMoisturizer, Skincare, Makeup, Health, Personal Care, Hair Care, Men, Baby, Pets, Groceries, Household, Bulk, Watsons Brand
WEBSITE ADDRESShttps://www.watsons.com.my/
CONTACT1300 880 847
ADDRESSLevel 7, Menara Exchange 106, Lingkaran TRX, Tun Razak Exchange, 55188 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


CUSTOMER REVIEW: Rated 5 starts


We have been visionaries since day one. Seeing possibilities is what we did when we first created All Things Beauty, All in One Place® — a store experience that connected with how beauty lovers actually shopped. And it forever changed the game.

Our goals—Celebrating the role of beauty in our lives. Redefining how beauty is portrayed in our Beauty & campaign. Supporting trailblazing causes. And driving more meaningful purpose for our brand, our company and our guests. Together, we will change what beauty means to the world.

SERVICESHair Services, Brows & Wax, Makeup & Lashes, Skin Services, Ear Piercing
WEBSITE ADDRESShttps://www.ulta.com/


CUSTOMER REVIEW: Ulta is a good place to get beauty things that you need.


Hermo MY is beauty collection, the place to make you even more gorgeous. Hermo’s mission is to help people to be gorgeous by the ease and convenience of ecosystem. Thousands of people around Malaysia use Hermo to discover beauty products at great prices, trying out the most trendy ways to be gorgeous, and to share their beauty tips in the journey. We partner with the brand owners and distributors to carry out brand flagship store in Hermo. By providing 100% original assurance, we are also a window of promotions between brands and consumer! Check out our flagship stores in Hermo constantly and miss no more promotions!

SERVICESSkin Care, Make Up, Bath & Body, Hair, Fragrance, Health & Wellness, Food, Household, Mask Box
WEBSITE ADDRESShttps://www.hermo.my/
ADDRESSUnit 21-7, Binjai 8, No.2 Lorong Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.


CUSTOMER REVIEW: I’ve purchased quite a lot of things from Hermo Malaysia and so far it was good. They have a wide variety of skincare/beauty products and sometimes they have discounts on certain big brands. They used to give free shipping if you place order of 2 items and above. Last I checked (few weeks ago), they give free shipping if you purchase RM100 and above. Delivery was a bit slow, might be due to the MCO. Overall, my experience with Hermo Malaysia is good.


It all started when Lynn – a biochemist by education, an investment executive by profession, resigned from her job in a multi-national insurance company at the end of 2008 and start a small business. It wasn’t a serious business venture in the beginning, aside from merchandise that she purchased during holidays overseas, she also sells random items such as – chocolate moist cake, muffin and fabric, just to name a few. However, as she picked the rhythm up gradually and started selling beauty products from USA, with the help of her younger brother, Faruq, who at the time was studying in Illinois. A year later, in 2009 – she registered the business as Strawberry Tags Enterprise with SSM (Companies Commission of Malaysia) as a sign of commitment towards her journey in entrepreneurship.

SERVICESSkincare, Makeup, Hair, Bath & Body , Tools & Brushes
WEBSITE ADDRESShttps://www.beautyspot.my/

CUSTOMER NAME: Florina Holban

CUSTOMER REVIEW: The Beauty Spot Spa is exactly that, a spot where you get pampered, where your skin gets the best treatments, where your concerns are addressed and your questions are answered. And what’s better than listening to relaxing music while Shannon’s hands work their magic to make your skin feel and look fantastic? An amazing experience every single time.

In conclusion, finding the best website for health and beauty products in Malaysia can be a daunting task, but with the options, we have listed above, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are looking for natural skincare, organic supplements, or trendy makeup, these websites offer a wide range of high-quality products that cater to your every need. With user-friendly interfaces, fast and secure delivery options, and excellent customer service, you can rest assured that your shopping experience will be nothing short of fantastic. So go ahead and explore these websites, and give yourself the gift of self-care with the best health and beauty products that Malaysia has to offer.

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