website designing mistakes to avoid

Website Designing Mistakes to avoid

Anyone, I really mean anyone can do the D&D of a website. Just google the word “Website” and boom!! you get an infinite search list, some are even swearing to God that you can create your very own first free professional web design and put google to shame.


This article is dedicated to all those Sponge-bobs; the website developers, beginners or experienced, who are awesome in developing and often forgets the Dos and Don’ts of Web Industry.

One of the most vital notion to swallow is that the development life cycle is that it comes with butterfly effect, which means the end user experience is to put in consideration at all time in development life cycle. Most of the developers put extra efforts in the creativity that they often forget the importance of usability and functionality of the website. So lets start understanding and sharing the silly mistakes we often do and don’t realize that once the website is online, it’s all about traffic flow and fatal accidents. If you don’t wanna die online, you can contact us.

Responsive Web Design:

This doesn’t mean that you start responding to my friend requests, and I will start developing your website for free. This responsiveness is strictly for the website, which means web developments should be device friendly as now more than half internet users are not just PCs or laptops.

Full screen browsing experience differ with that of mobile browsing. Definitely you wouldn’t like to lose half of your potential viewers at this mistake. Professional web designers understand that how important mobile devices have become, so we provide Responsive web designs customarily. It’s like Artificially Intelligent Website, to which the device propose and the website claims I Do, I Do, I Do….They live happily ever after.

Website Sitemap / UX Flow:

In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity. Always remember that usability is the backbone of any website.
If the browser does not find what they are looking for in few touches, then they are not to be blamed.

 People are afraid of things they don’t understand. They don’t know how to relate. It threatens their security, their existence, their career, image.

So always try to design a website with better navigational patterns which are generally standardized. Provide the menu navigation at the top as it’s statistically proven that the browser reads horizontally at first, providing him the information and a psychology of control and power.

There are many mistakes web developers do, and I can’t blame them as it is part of their job description. It is the professional issues and formal methods, if not taken seriously, leads to heart-bleed attacks.

P.S. By D&D, I meant Designing and Development, which is quite the same as Dungeons and Dragons. LOL if you got the reference.

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